3rd-5th grade camp

July 24, 2023 12:00am

Contact: Ed Colvin

LIMITED AVAILABILITY - 33 spots (completed 3rd -5th grades)

There is a $75 non-refundable deposit and the remaining balance of $250 is due by July 16 (unless other arrangements have been made). The cost includes the Student Life Kids Camp, transportation (charter bus), all meals (including while traveling), a Student Life Kids Camp T-shirt, a church care package (shirt, drawstring backpack, water bottle, etc.), snacks, and extra activities (Aqua Park, Bazooka Ball, Pavilion Climb, Wet Willie).

The 2023 Student Life Kids theme this summer is "GRAVITY!" Gravity doesn’t affect astronauts when they enter space. As soon as they lift off into the far reaches of our atmosphere, they’re weightless, floating in and around their spaceship! Before sin entered the world, we were kinda like astronauts. There was no evil or darkness that made the world heavy. Our world is heavy because of sin, and that’s not the way that it was meant to be. This summer, Student Life Kids Camp is on a mission to figure out how to live in a heavy world and how we can defy gravity through Jesus Christ! Not only are we going to learn how trusting in Jesus changes our life, but how we can be a part of God’s plan to help others lift off and start a relationship with Him.

Student Life Kids Camp believes God’s Word has something to say about everything we do because it is both relevant and instructive for the challenges we face today. Student Life Kids Camp desires to provide a week away from distractions where kids can focus on Jesus and strengthen their spiritual foundation. Keeping the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development of your kids in mind Student Life Kids Camp plans and prepares an experience that is:
• grounded in Scripture • a safe learning environment
• age-appropriate. • fun & full of energy

Worship services and Life Groups make up the two most important parts of a day at Student Life Kids Camp. Worship services are led by a team of worship leaders who specialize in kids' worship. They have a genuine desire to help teach kids about worshipping God - how we worship Him and why we worship Him. These services include drama, worship music from the SLK Worship band, and sound biblical teaching from a seasoned communicator. Life Groups are made up of kids and adults from our church.

The camp pastor is Ryan Coatney. Ryan is the founder and pastor of Grace Story Church in Nashville, TN, and the creator of Cross Formed Kids, a discipleship curriculum for families aimed at building a faith that lasts. He has two decades of experience teaching children, both as a camp and event speaker and “small batch” as a classical school teacher.

Student Life Kids Camp ultimately comes down to people. Is life change happening in kids and adults? In Scripture, every time someone spent time with Jesus, they went away changed. Student Life Kids Camp hopes everyone leaves the experience changed. Not because of technical effects, entertaining dramas, challenging recreation, or even meeting new people; but that there is change because we have been with Jesus.

According to an old legend, the Native Americans called the land “Shocco” which means “The Gathering Place.” For many years, God has gathered His people in this small corner of the world. These people, both past and present, have made Shocco Springs the special place it is today.
• Shocco's campus is secluded and has a ton of great activities - basketball, four square, game room, gaga ball, horseshoes, paddleboards, pedal boats, playground, poly-pong, putt-putt golf, swimming pool, and volleyball.
• The Station is also open, which has tons of trinkets to take home.
• There’s lots of shade on campus, which is great on those hot summer days.
• Housing is motel-style for most buildings. Sheets are provided, but towels are NOT. Towels can be rented for $8/set.

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