Who we are: 

We simply don't want to have a ministry, we want to have a ministry with a purpose. In C3, we strive to connect with God, connect with people, and connect people with God. Students take a lead role in our midweek services and serve throughout our community and world. We want students to walk in the door and know that they are loved by us, and by God. We strive to reach a wide variety of students from all walks of life, show them Christ and encourage them in their walk with Christ. So no matter your interests or passions, we have a place for you in C3. 

What are Connection Groups?

Connection Groups – Sundays @ 9:45 A.M. 

We look at our connection groups like your own personal student ministry within a student ministry. We have a small group for each gender grades 6-12. Each small group has an adult leader and a college leader that are excited about the idea of investing in your life! There are 3 main goals for our small groups. Our Middle school groups will meet in the Walter's Building and High school groups will meet in the PowerHouse. 

  1. To help you connect to people your age, and hopefully develop relationships that will last a lifetime.
  2. Help hold you accountable in your daily walk with God.
  3. Take a look at some principles that God lays out and discuss how we can put them into action in our lives

Basically, we take what we discussed as a big group the Wednesday night before, and make it even more applicable to our life stage as a small group. This is not simply another Bible study, this is taking God's word and putting it into action in our lives.

Do you offer any weekly activities for students?

Midweek is a time for students to connect with each other, study God’s word, and have an awesome time together. Middle School is from 5:30-7:00 pm, and High School is from 6:45-8:00 pm located in the PowerHouse on Dan Reneau Drive. If you ever have any questions on what exactly is taking place, contact Josh at   .


How do we stay connected?

We communicate through a texting service. To join our group you can text c3students or c3parents to 1-888-322-8398. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.